Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes – Part 6: Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing and Online Reviews

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Learn how to avoid the common mistakes with Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Online Reviews with simple to implement solutions for a business.

This is more than a blog about marketing your business – it is a 7 page guide for business owners with real world solutions to their everyday marketing issues and how to avoid the common mistakes.”

— David Phillips – Founder/CEO of SayWhat Consulting

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 4, 2022 / — SayWhat Consulting, LLC recently released part 6 of the 10 part blog series labeled “The Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes.” Part 6 wraps up the portion discussing a website detailing the common mistakes most businesses make with Pay per Click advertising, Social Media Marketing and Online Reviews. This blog covers the details of these services and how to best use them – but points out the fact that most forget that their business website is crucial to the success or failure of all their online marketing efforts. This blog contains seven pages of newly released information for small business owners detailing the most collective issues businesses face, examples that can be instantly implemented to increase lead generation and simple steps to avoid negative review and boost positive reviews online. If a business owner is advertising using pay per click advertising, social media marketing or reputation management this is a must read that will provide them an upper hand over their competition.

Part 1 of the 10 part blog series examined the significance of tracking all marketing along with truly understanding what marketing efforts are producing results so one is spending their marketing dollars wisely. Part 2 of the series covered in detail the importance for small businesses to understand how to not only generate leads but also best practices in nurturing and converting them. Part 3 focused on creating a strategic marketing budget with the understanding that a well thought out marketing budget gives a company direction, purpose and a strategic advantage over the competition. Part 4 surveyed the particulars of how to choose a digital marketing firm along with the importance of unique content and its role with the long term SEO and social media strategy for a business. Part 5 reviewed the importance of being a “good online citizen” and search engine optimization.

Pay per Click and Social Media Marketing are two of the most profitable online marketing tools for businesses if they track results and hire the right company to manage their campaigns. “They both give you the ability to instantly advertise your business directly to your specific target market” says David Phillips, CEO and Founder of SayWhat Consulting “and be the first business potential clients will see. It is a dream scenario because you can literally have specific advertisements targeted to your specific target market.” Smart business owners track their results and know exactly how much each lead is worth to their business and calculate their exact return on investment. This makes budgeting much more straightforward.

Online reviews are also an extremely important part of the overall marketing strategy. Negative reviews can cost a business numerous potential clients without them even giving one a chance to earn their business. Reputation Management is more important than ever for businesses. Most business owners do not realize that with the right strategy one can legitimately have negative and untrue reviews removed even from Google and Yelp. Mr. Phillips notes that “potential clients searching for a business trust online reviews and disqualify businesses based solely on reviews. It is vital for businesses to have a strategic plan to showcase their happy clients and drown out the negative and usually fake reviews.” This blog discusses details on exactly how a business can do that.

The first step most businesses can take with their digital marketing is understanding what they are doing right and wrong. It is not as simple as asking a digital marketing firm because they usually are not forthright with you because they want to retain the business. SayWhat Consulting assists business owners with finding the right digital marketing firm – they don’t want a digital marketing business so can provide honest feedback that one can trust. Clients describe them as their Chief Marketing Officer, at a fraction of the cost. SayWhat also offers a free and unbiased online marketing audit (for any business) which reviews all facets of an online marketing and provides one with insights on what is being done effective and ineffectively. It is simple to sign up for at and free for you.

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