Secoo Back-end System of Merchant Upgrades and Provides Multi-level Support and Services for Merchants

BEIJING, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Secoo (NASDAQ: SECO), an Asian leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform, upgraded the merchant back-end system. The upgraded system uses a new home page layout and adds a visual store decoration function.Through this upgrade, the Secoo merchant back-end system has more advanced product release and management functions, and the order and after-sales functions are separated, which is convenient for merchants to manage products and orders more efficiently and comprehensively. Secoo will continue to diligently cultivate its internal strength, provide merchants with better support and services, and achieve win-win results with partners.

As a world-renowned luxury cross-border shopping service platform, Secoo has more than 50 million high-end registered users, covering more than 4,000 high-end brands such as clothing, shoes and boots, bags, watches, jewelry and accessories, and attracting a large number of high-quality merchants.On the one hand, Secoo is committed to serving the global high-end clients who pursue the ultimate life experience. On the other hand, it also continues to give full play to the advantages of the platform in terms of users, data, technology and financial solutions, so as to help businesses continuously grow on Secoo platform and harvest new orders.

The back-end system of Secoo can provide merchants with rich functions such as commodity management, order management, after-sales management, logistics management, store management, marketing management, fund management, message center, Secoo University, financial services, API help and so on.Secoo has been continuously improving the back-end system to maximize the efficiency and experience of merchants. A new home page layout will be adopted in the upgraded back-end system of Secoo merchants, including menu navigation, to-do items, operation data, message announcement, etc., which are very clear. Merchants can also use the fast direct function to improve efficiency of operation. In addition to the new revision of the home page layout, merchants can also carry out visual shop decoration after this upgrade.The back-end system of Secoo merchants will provide a large number of rich decoration visualization components, so that merchants can personalize the decoration settings of store logos, store banners and store home pages, and even customize various theme styles of decoration.

The Secoo back-end system of merchants will also provide powerful commodity release and management functions. Merchants can manage batch and individual commodities, realize rapid commodity maintenance, and support commodity release, upload in batch, commodity loading and unloading, modify price in batch, modify models, article numbers, names, attributes and other commodity information in batch, rapid reference of standard products, etc. In addition, after the upgrade of the back-end system, it also supports the separation of orders and after-sales functions, allowing merchants to operate order delivery, process pre-delivery, package management and logistics merchants management, and separate them from return and refusal reverse order management, so as to quickly enter the corresponding menu for business processing which truly achieve a more efficient and comprehensive management of commodities and orders.

The upgrade of Secoo for the back-end system of merchants not only greatly improves their experience, but is also an upgrade of technical application. After the upgrade, the Secoo back-end system of  merchants has reconstructed the front and rear ends using the current mainstream technical framework. Whether the front and rear end projects are separated or the micro service of the rear-end projects, they have greatly improved the development efficiency and reduced the maintenance cost of the system, which also makes the upgrade of the back-end system of merchants more efficient and convenient in the future.

Li Rixue, founder and CEO of Secoo, said that since its establishment, Secoo has been constantly innovating and improving its internal strength, helping merchants reach users in a more efficient and quick way, and assisting merchants to provide better services for Secoo users, so as to accelerate the establishment of brands.In the future. Li said Secoo will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs, and work with upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain to improve the service support system for merchants.

SOURCE Secoo Holding Limited