Early Bird Rate Ends Wednesday For Radio Masters Sales Summit

The radio industry has always been resilient. It has met every assault and attack head on. Today, things are moving at lightning speed, and if we’re not aware and on top of current trends, survival this time may be in question.

That’s why possessing the tools and knowledge to battle in this high-speed environment is more essential than ever. From September 22-23, you and your team have the chance to gain these vital assets at the inaugural Radio Masters Sales Summit — presented by Streamline Publishing’s Radio Ink and the Center for Sales Strategy.

Why register now? Early bird registration concludes on Wednesday, June 15. After that, the registration rate jumps to $597.

Radio has been left without a place to gather, a place to learn, a place to compare notes. Streamline Publishing has been watching trends in the local and national advertising scene, in local radio, and in other industries where fresh, new sales approaches have been discovered, been tested, and are making a difference.

Radio Ink decided to take immediate action and step up for the industry we love, throw it a lifeline, and give it new tools and new hope. Following two years of turmoil and distractions, it’s time to get back on track. It’s time to rethink sales strategy, refresh management skills, and refocus goals and expectations.

“For decades Radio Ink has led this industry and revealed information that is critical to its survival,” says Radio Ink founder and Chairman Eric Rhoads, who also serves as Chairman for Radio + Television Business Report. “At the time when only eight stations in the U.S. had websites, we brought you the Radio Ink Internet Conference, and it resulted in significant industry change. We then launched the Radio Ink Convergence conference to reveal online radio and what radio needs to do to be a part of it. At that time we were criticized for predicting the advent of Internet radio and services like Spotify, and for suggesting radio should start them and control them. At these events we brought you major minds like Mark Cuban, Steve Wozniak, Seth Godin and more. We saw a need to come to radio’s rescue and offer outside thinkers to help us move to where things are going. Now we see a critical need, not only to bring radio together for a major annual gathering, but to bring you up to speed on change you need to consider.”












Deborah Parenti, Publisher of Radio Ink and RBR+TVBR, comments, “For over a year, we have been encouraged by our readers and clients to develop a conference that would address the needs of sales and sales management. In partnering with the prestigious Center for Sales Strategy, we look forward to delivering a high-quality and comprehensive sales program that will truly benefit the radio industry. This is going to be truly valuable because every minute is focused on the challenges and opportunities that face every manager, sales manager, seller, and group.”

Partnering with the Center for Sales Strategy excites Managing Partner Matt Sunshine. “This sort of next-level sales and management conference for the radio industry is needed as the business has clearly changed over the past few years,” he says. “The summit is about more than selling in today’s environment and with today’s trends. It will help you master sales in a new way, with critical directives every seller, manager, and owner needs.”

The Radio Masters Sales Summit will be a quick in and out. Depending on flights, you can fill your mind with incredible knowledge and powerful tools without more than two days out of the office. You’ll benefit from two days of intense learning, brainstorming, and idea exchange featuring techniques revealed by leading sales and sales management experts (not all are within the broadcast media industry).



Early Bird Rate Ends For Radio Masters Sales Summit