BizAway: the All-in-One Business Travel Solution; How To Simplify Your Corporate Travel Needs

Business Travel

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With the absence of a methodical business travel management, business flights can often lead your employees in dire straits. While it may be enjoyable for some, others will feel dreadful because of the challenges brought by costs, compliances, and such.

To cover these challenges and give your employees safe travel along the way, BizAway will be your ace in the hole.

Types of Business Travels

Business travel can serve a variety of purposes for your company. But when it comes to building a business partnership, seeing a face behind a name can go a long way.

Seminars and Conferences

You should consider going to a gathering or meeting related to your business or industry on the off chance that you may establish or develop connections for your business to expand worldwide.

Corporate Events

Meetings organized by corporations are frequently occasions for networking and showcasing, as well as the chance to engage in instructional preparation while meeting companions in person.

Trade Shows

Attending an exhibition or trade fair in another region or even in another country is a great way to uncover your competitors’ offerings in comparison. You can also hold your trade fairs to showcase your products and services.

Corporate Pleasure Trip

In addition to offering great rewards, a corporate-sponsored trip to an enticing destination inspires loyalty to the company. Often called the ‘incentive travel,’ this type of business travel will further motivate employees.

Kinds of Business Travelers

Increasing numbers of business travelers use technology to make travel easier and more convenient while staying better connected with those back home as well.

Passionate Business Travelers

Passionate employees do more than keep track of the business travel news. They also oversee everything that goes inside their business travel backpack, given that the contents are business-related.

They are usually enthusiastic during business flight designations and will spend their trip working and attending events.

Highly-Experienced Business Travelers

The average business traveler today is a veteran or the most experienced one. They travel about 12 times per year and spend an average of four nights away from home.

Most highly-experienced travelers are usually willing to experiment with different corporate travel management.

Newbie Business Travelers

This category represents the novices who feel anxious and weary during their business flights. But when they reach their destination, they often combine business and pleasure through sightseeing and exploring new restaurants and shops away from the office.

Booking business flights can be a head-scratcher. There are various things to consider like time, cost and efficiency. Here is a service that can help resolve these concerns:

BizAway Business Travel Review

To eliminate the problems mentioned above, BizAway will lend a hand to your company with its unmatched expertise in corporate travel management.

About BizAway

The BizAway business travel management agency prevents unnecessary communication between teams and saves time by enabling everyone to use the service independently.

With this business travel solution, you can seamlessly manage all your business travel phases in just one click. As a result, you can save 25% on business expenses for your travel program compared to booking at market rates.


BizAway provides the best consultancy for your travels thanks to a team of agents specializing in business travel. With BizAway, there are infinite possibilities for implementing new functionalities and partnerships. The following features are available to you:

  • Transports: Ferries or scooters, parking or transfers and provides any type of transport.

  • Custom rates: Every traveler is unique. BizAway guarantees the benefits of fidelity cards and discounted fares.

  • Groups: Conferences, meetings, or group travel. BizAway takes care of every stage of event planning and management.

  • Custom requests: Takes care of the most complex business trips and stays of more than 14 days, visas, insurance.

  • Controlled management system: Admin departments have complete control of costs and invoicing. Plus, it lets you set up travel policies and approval flow according to your preferences.

  • Versatile customers: These three types of customers reap the benefits of BizAway, mainly: business travelers, travel managers, and administration.

For business/regular travelers, book your trip autonomously by searching for the services you need from BizAway. You can also enjoy personal bookings for your next holiday. Should you encounter any problem, 24/7 customer support is on the rescue, plus a mobile app where you can monitor your details on the go. BizAway will also provide loyalty or frequent flyer cards through your regular bookings.

For travel managers, BizAway is also a handy service. They efficiently manage a company’s travel policy and permissions and know where business travelers are at any time. Besides giving the travel manager complete control, BizAway also offers travel agendas, approval workflows, and travel risk management.

For profile admins, Bizaway will simplify your travel expense reimbursement process by integrating billing profiles, sending invoices with customizable frequency, and providing detailed expense reports. There’s also a wide variety of payment modes you can access and a 24/7 assistance for your problems.


  • Travelers will be able to book the most convenient solution autonomously through BizAway, saving your company a great deal of time

  • You can save an average of 25% on business expenses

  • BizAway is easily adapted to any organization

  • Simplifies and optimizes your business travel experience


Managing business travels simply and transparently has never been easier than with BizAway. With an easy-to-use interface and 100% adaptability to every different need, your company can manage all your business trips while controlling costs, incorporating travel policies, and automating the approval process.

BizAway lets you save your time and money, on average, 20% cheaper than the competitors, as well as offer multilingual support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

BizAway’s top competitors are regional champions, like Viajes El Corte Inglés in Spain, UVET in Italy, etc., and global TMCs, like AMEX GBT, BCD Travel, etc. These competitors can offer your company obsolete travel management technologies provided by third-party providers.

On the other hand, BizAway is a digital-native TMC with proprietary technology, developed and maintained by a team of +20 developers in constant growth. It allows them to disintermediate the value chain and offer your company both the technology and the travel agency support you need.

Why BizAway?

BizAway allows you to set your company’s travel policy directly from the platform to ensure that it is applied in a fully automated manner. The restrictions you choose will act as an alert to the user during the booking process. And if desired, they can prevent finalization if these requirements are not observed.

BizAway allows your administration to choose the frequency with which you receive invoices for services purchased for your business flights. Thanks to an automatic generation process, you can choose among Invoicing per booking, weekly invoicing, bi-weekly invoicing, and monthly invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I reach the BizAway team if I have questions or emergencies?

You can reach the BizAway Customer Service Team by phone or chat with them 24/7.

2. My flight is delayed, and I need to take a connecting flight. What can I do to reach my destination?

For every unforeseen event or incident when you have already reached the airport, the airport and airline staff will be your first source for information. Follow their instructions to stay up-to-date. Should you require any further help, you can contact [email protected], and they will try their best to solve any problem. With the “BizAway guarantee” which they offer for some business flights, they assure that you will be reaching your final destination.

3. Do I have to pay any fee for a booking on BizAway?

The service of BizAway is not free. Clients will have to pay a license depending on the effective amount they spent on bookings and the additional services they wish to receive. For more details about the monthly fee, check the agreements in the contract between BizAway and your company.

Other fees charged by BizAway can arise when bookings are paid via credit card. This payment method implies transaction costs for BizAway that are transferred in the same amount to the client. To avoid those fees, they recommend using the deferred payment method (paying via bank transfer at the end of each month).

4. Do the prices on BizAway include taxes?

The prices on BizAway include taxes, like VAT. Only local taxes (e.g., city tax or tourist tax) are not included and must always be paid directly at the hotel. They can change according to destination and venue. For further information, go to the hotel info page on BizAway or contact the hotel directly.

5. How can I change my plan?

Contact your reference account manager if you wish to change your plan. They will provide you with comprehensive advice and guide you through BizAway’s range of services to find the right option to fit your business.

6. I want to be able to set my company’s travel policy. What is the right plan for me?

If you are looking into adding travel policies to your company account, BizAway’s ‘advanced plan’ is suggested. Your employees will be able to book for themselves, and you will have them staying within your policy with no hassle.

7. What difference is there between the Advanced and Tailored plans?

With the Tailored plan, you get everything you can find in the Advanced, plus some extra perks such as license fees and commissions tailored to your needs, dedicated customer care, negotiated rates, and unlimited bookings throughout each month. Also, you will be able to access the platform via Google Sign In/ Microsoft Sign In directly through your corporate account.

8. Is the price for my stay comprehensive of any applicable fee?

BizAway prices always include the total amount for the stay according to the selected room type and treatment (only bed, bed&breakfast, half board, all-inclusive) plus any applicable fee except for city taxes, which will have to be paid directly at the time of check-out.

BizAway is the best and fastest solution to manage your business travel, designed to make your navigation quick and easy in just a few steps to search and select the services you need and finalize your travel bookings autonomously.

With BizAway, you can also book your next business flights without worries and benefit from the same advantages as with your previous business trips. You will have access to a wide portfolio of solutions and exclusive rates that will allow you to achieve high savings.

It’s never too late to seek the most affordable and efficient business travel management for your company! Find out more and request a demo at BizAway.

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