Atticus News Marketing: Local Small Business Owner? Ignore the SEO Sales Pitch | Business

Local service business?

Don’t worry about SEO.

It seems crazy, as every marketing firm on the planet leads with the need for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. That is, how high you show up on Google or other search engines when someone does a key word search.

But the firms pushing this are doing so as they make money, and a lot of it, selling the service, or are trying to convince you to buy a new website. And yes, there are times it can matter. If you are selling a commodity, something others can easily sell, and do so over a large area, SEO can be a difference maker. Selling teddy bears and can ship them all over the country? You want to come up as high as possible in that search.

But for most small businesses, marketing is to a much smaller area, and is often service related. A restaurant, gift shop, local electrician, day spa and similar businesses do not gain much from coming up high on search results based on SEO. Basically, its snake oil. SEO sounds good, but it won’t make any real difference to your bottom line.

Why? Because your geographic region is limited, and buyers make buying decisions based on referrals and recommendations far more often than a selecting from strangers in a Google search. Who their friends have used, the quality of the content (articles, photos, posts) on social media, and reviews mean far more than SEO.

Ultimately, SEO is easy money for the marketing firms but has limited value to smaller companies.

Instead, follow this basic marketing breakdown, and either do it in house, or hire a professional to do it for you:

1. Create content. New quality content is king. Authentic posts, articles, real customer profiles, accurate pictures. Don’t gloss anything over, that customer who is disappointed the entrée they’ve received didn’t look like the photo that had been photoshopped will cost you more money than a gloss fake pic will ever earn you. Be real.

2. Be personal. People like buying from people. Don’t hide. Tell them who you are, share your story.

3. Be friends with other businesses. Even competitors. Be a part of the business community, embrace it. Post about your experiences around town and your involvement in the area.

4. Respect your audience. Make your posts informative. Multiple posts that don’t add substance to your story or add value to your client base will be ignored over time, limiting your reach.

5. Post regularly. Don’t go weeks without social media posts, or email outreach. Keep your client base informed, they care and want you to succeed.

Your regular, unique content actually serves as your SEO: Google and search engines are way ahead of the marketing companies; they look for regular, recent quality content over some some keywords plugged into a website and calling it SEO. 

In the end, don’t worry about the SEO if you are a small local business owner. Create content, make sure its quality and informative, be personal, and post regularly. In the end, it will gain you customers and help your business grow.

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