Area Code Domains Helping Businesses Leverage Digital Marketing Tools

Area Code Domains

Area Code Domains is helping businesses increase traffic to their websites and create more sales through its location-based domain names. Working with entrepreneurs as well as businesses of all sizes, the company is seeing its clients achieve substantial growth by using its low-investment marketing strategies. Area Code Domains sells domain names that include the area code of the business location, as well as a few keywords related to the business’ niche.

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“We help our clients enhance their digital marketing approach so that they can improve their customer acquisition strategy,” says Area Code Domain CEO, Mr. R. Singer. “Trying to advertise a lengthy website URL or ten-digit phone number makes it very difficult for potential customers to immediately retain the correct information of any business. It is not always easy to remember all of these details when first seeing a new business, our strategy is based on the idea of pairing the location with the keywords of the business: for example,,, or With this model, a potential customer instantly knows and remembers these memorable domain names.”

Most businesses currently have a domain name and detailed website for their company. However, owning an area code domain name can help dramatically by redirecting all visitors to an existing website that has already been established with a different domain name. It is that simple. Business owners can use a location-based domain name for all their favorite marketing materials, including business cards, flyers, billboards, car magnets, online initiatives, and other promotional products to increase the odds of getting consumers to a specific domain name and to remember their business.

Area Code Domains is helping businesses in all sectors. “Our domain names focus on the restaurant industry, car dealerships, real estate, fitness and more. Our cost-effective branding strategy is efficient and applicable to many industries and businesses small to large.”

Beyond offering domain names for sale, Area Code Domains has broad advice for companies to yield more website visitors. Their advice is to make sure all businesses have a visible online presence and establish a blog. “Actively posting on a blog keeps customers visiting the site, increasing overall traffic and the likelihood of generating business.” They also advise optimizing one’s site for search engines, conducting proper keyword research to do so, as well as posting regularly on social media. Area Code Domains is showing its clients the benefits of using keywords to increase search results, leverage social media reach, and ultimately drive higher sales and revenue.

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With so many digital marketing opportunities available today, business owners can become overwhelmed and miss easy opportunities to improve their sales. Area Code Domains positions itself as a helpful resource to guide that process, beginning with their foundational strategy of owning a location-based website domain name that is memorable and marketable across a wide audience.

Area Code Domains is Helping Businesses Leverage Digital Marketing Tools