APX Platform, The Aesthetic Industry’s Premier Business Intelligence Solution, Releases Version 3.0

New Enhancements Include the New Business Intelligence Dashboard Providing One True Source of Data Unique to the Industry, Course Certifications, Language Translations, and More Intuitive User Interface

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — APX Platform, the Aesthetic industry’s premier, cutting-edge, business intelligence solution, released Version 3.0 to continue to enhance its capabilities to provide solutions to aesthetic medicine providers worldwide. These new enhancements included an improved business intelligence dashboard providing one true source of data unique to the industry, course certifications, language translations, and a more intuitive user interface.

An acronym for “Aesthetic Practice Accelerator” launched in early 2021 by renowned aesthetic practice management consultant Terri Ross, APX Platform provides a business intelligence cloud platform that accelerates the growth of aesthetic practices through on-demand employee training modules, financial algorithms, KPI calculators, and integrative marketing dashboards. APX Platform translates the decades of expertise and proven training and formulas for success that Terri Ross and her team have developed into a real-time, on-demand, change management solution that provides accountability, retention, and foresight to the most successful and prestigious aesthetic businesses in the nation.

APX Platform Version 3.0 delivers four main enhancements based on client feedback and continued development upgrades including:

New business intelligence dashboard providing one true source of data. The newly enhanced business intelligence dashboard tracks 30 Key Performance Indicators and aggregates data collection, standardizes data, and presents the data visually to give a bird’s eye view of the entire practice’s business performance in real time. Data can be collected from multiple users and presented in one dashboard that is broken down into revenue, COGS, utilization, patient conversions, retail, and more.

Course certifications upon completion so that practice owners can verify that employees understood and synthesized the material within the sales and financial courses vs. just completed them so the team attains uniform training based on their custom role within the practice. From the user perspective, these course certifications can enhance their personal resume of knowledge and training.

Multiple language translations for the sales and financial training course to Spanish and Portuguese. More languages are planned for future releases.

An enhanced user interface (UI) that is more intuitive and easier to navigate with reorganized menus and consolidated solution-based components. 

“We are very excited to provide our users with one true source of data presented visually so that practice owners, managers, and individual users can identify and analyze their data and data trends, share data between different providers with individual dashboards, and be able to review their performance in a much easier way than Excel spreadsheets, practice management/EMR software, or other previously available methods,” said Izhak Musli, Co-CEO of APX Platform. “Previously, the financial optimization calculators were separate components but were not ‘speaking to each other’. Now, there are more than 30 different interactive charts and graphs that can be accessed to see trends and set performance goals.”

Musli continued, “When I launched (and later sold) Atlas KPI, it was the first business intelligence dashboard designed specifically for the aesthetic industry. What we have been able to achieve with APX Platform is to build on the original concept of creating an aesthetic industry-specific business intelligence dashboard, and enhance it to include specific education and training. This training helps our clients translate the data found in the dashboard into actionable insights so that aesthetic practices can implement strategies to enhance practice performance in a more comprehensive manner.”

To learn more about APX Platform or to schedule a live demo, please visit apxplatform.com.

About APX Platform
Founded in 2021 by renowned practice consultant Terri Ross, APX (Aesthetic Practice Accelerator) Platform is a business intelligence, employee education, training, and data analytics platform built on three pillars: Training, Analytics and Community. APX Platform combines the three into one easy-to-use, cloud solution that: optimizes employee productivity via on-demand Sales, Finance, and Operations training courses; translates EMR/Practice Management data into actionable KPIs via financial calculator templates and industry benchmarking; and provides ongoing business coaching and mentorship via live coaching sessions with Terri Ross and her team. Visit apxplatform.com to discover the missing link to increasing profitability of an aesthetic practice.

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