Aktify Named Winner in 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards

LEHI, Utah, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aktify today announced that it has been named a winner in the Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. The award recognizes Aktify’s achievements in collective intelligence and natural language understanding (NLU).

Aktify develops conversational AI to help sales and marketing teams identify customer intent and drive revenue. The platform’s patent-pending technology handles scheduling in natural language conversations, offering immediate speed-to-lead at any point in the customer journey.

“We have more sales conversation data than anyone else in the world,” said Dave Barney, chief technology officer at Aktify. “Using this data, we have optimized our AI to achieve 82% NLU intent classification accuracy in enterprise sales conversations. That’s higher than IBM Watson, Dialogflow, and the average human.”

Businesses utilize Aktify’s AI-powered virtual agents to hold text and phone conversations with customers at scale. Each agent is highly specialized and knowledgeable about the brand it represents, and the platform as a whole can hold millions of daily, simultaneous conversations. These conversations have proven to effectively drive positive business outcomes.

“Behind every virtual agent is an elite team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts,” said Barney. “We’re honored to receive this award from the Business Intelligence Group. It is a testament to the entire team’s dedication and effort.”

“We are so proud to name Aktify as a winner in our inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that Aktify was using AI to improve the lives of their customers and employees. Congratulations to the entire team!”

About Aktify
Aktify is an intelligence company that converts customers through conversational AI. It solves the pervasive sales team problem of not being able to scale communication because of resource limitations. Robust data science is used to serve customers with thoughtful and dynamic conversations. By managing leads through a CRM or MAP integration, Aktify creates millions of weekly conversations through SMS and phone calls, delivering a 10x ROI to clients. Sales teams no longer need to spend time calling and emailing leads to get a live conversation scheduled – Aktify delivers the inbound calls of interested consumers.

To learn more about Aktify and how AI is changing the way companies intentionally converse with their customers, schedule a demo today: https://aktify.com/get-demo

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