2022/02/08 – Trade Credit Insurance Joint Webinar Set by National Association of Credit Management, Finance, Credit International Business Association

COLUMBIA, Maryland, Jan. 18 (TNSeve) — The National Association of Credit Management and Finance, Credit International Business Association have scheduled a joint webinar on Feb. 8, 2022, entitled “Trade Credit Insurance: Market Update & Latest Innovations”:

According to the agency website:

The US economy is changing quicker than ever, and credit professionals must stay ahead of the latest market trends. Trade credit insurance is one of the many tools a creditor has at their disposal, but you will need to know how to use it when new economic risks emerge. In this webinar, experts from Marsh and Atradius will break down the most recent developments in B2B credit from the perspective of a trade credit insurer and broker.

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The 1-hour event features five speakers:


* Mark Regenhardt, Managing Director, Global Clients GroupAmericas, Marsh USA

Mark Regenhardt is the Managing Director of the Global Clients Group for Marsh Credit Specialties. He is responsible for the business development and support of global trade credit insurance programs for multi-national companies in the Americas.

Mark joined Marsh in 2019 when they merged with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT ), one of the world’s leading providers of insurance and reinsurance. Headquartered in London, JLT was one of the world’s largest credit and political risk brokerage firms. While at JLT Mark was on the Executive Leadership team responsible for credit, structured credit, and political risk in the United States.

Before joining JLT, Mark was a Managing Partner and Board member for 18 years in the firm of International Risk Consultants, Inc. (IRC), a leading global company that specialized in domestic, export credit, and political risk insurance products. JLT purchased IRC in 2018.

Prior to joining IRC, Mark worked five years at Motorola Inc., where he held various senior finance and credit positions one of which led to an Ex-patriot assignment in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mark was responsible for the formation of two international credit departments and for the implementation of several credit-insurance supported trade finance programs in Latin America.

* Aaron Rutstein, Vice President – Regional Director, Risk Services – Americas, Atradius

Aaron was appointed to the position of Vice President and Regional Director, Risk Services Americas in July 2018. In this leadership role, Aaron is responsible for Atradius’ risk underwriting activities in North and South America, including the Caribbean. Aaron has been involved with all facets of risk in trade credit insurance since entering the industry in 2003, covering roles in business development, info-gathering and risk underwriting. In 2014 he became Head of Risk for a start-up Non-Can carrier. He joined Atradius in 2016 as VP Senior Manager – U.S., Caribbean, and Central American Buyer Underwriting.

* Gordon Cessford, Regional Director – Americas, Atradius

Gordon Cessford was appointed to the position of Regional Director of Atradius Trade Credit Insurance, Inc. in October 2019. In this leadership role, he is responsible for Atradius’ business activities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico working on developing the local markets, nurturing customer, broker and staff relationships, and achieving strategic goals.

Prior to Atradius Trade Credit Insurance, Inc., Gordon joined Atradius in 2017 where most recently, he served as Atradius’ Commercial Director in Hong Kong, overseeing operations in the Asia Pacific Region.

Gordon has a long track record of success in banking and financial services. He spent over two decades in the credit insurance industry, where he served in a variety of positions, including Chief Commercial Officer and Regional Commercial Director for major credit insurance carriers. In these roles, he was responsible for all aspects of commercial, client and sales strategies in 12 markets and helped grow the trade credit insurance market and business portfolio.

Gordon was born in Scotland and was educated in Scotland and New Zealand.

* Dan Bakle, Marsh Speciality Insurance

Dan Bakle focuses on financing solutions for banks and traders with a propensity for unique, difficult or unusual structures. In 1996, Dan began his career as a credit insurance broker. He worked out of London in 1999 and then New York in 2002. Dan earned a bachelor’s in science in. civil engineering from Ohio State University.

* Christophe Letondot, Marsh Speciality Insurance

Christophe Letondot is the managing director for Marsh Specialty Insurance. His team comprises 60 colleagues across trade credit, political risk, structured credit and financial risk products in the U.S. and Canada. He has 15 years as an alternative risk transfer underwriter at leading insurance companies. He underwrote a variety of credit structures, including multinational trade credit programs, portfolios of credit derivatives, portfolios of asset-backed securities, and residual value insurance for hard assets. He completed hybrid insurance protections by combining insurance and capital market structures and products.

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More information about the event can be found at https://nacm.org/event-calendar/event/1487-trade-credit-insurance-market-update-latest-innovations.html

2022/02/08 – Trade Credit Insurance Joint Webinar Set by National Association of Credit Management, Finance, Credit International Business Association