SEO Tips For Beginners


Keep Useful and Updated Content

All SEO consultants including me believed that “Content is King”. So you should care about the quality of content not only on the quantity of content. So the first tip is always written meaningful articles and avoid posting garbage because search engines also hate content which is not useful and meaningless.

Update your site frequently, more updating means more chances to get indexed and get more visitors. So give time to your blog and keep the content updated as possible with the time.



Avoid duplicate data

Duplicate data especially text content from other websites is always punished by Google algorithms and your site goes on back pages of search engines and sometimes completely removed your URL’s by search engines like Google. So second tip is “”Don’t copy content from any site, generate your original and genuine content for your site”.

I mention first two basic but important SEO tips with you. If you follow them you never face any problem and received decent traffic very soon.



Meta Tags / Meta Description and Keywords

After putting good, updated and original content keep your eyes on important and most searched keywords on Google and other search engines. Use keywords search tools like Google Adwords and keep the relevant keywords in Titles/headings and in meta description of every post and page. (Avoid keyword stuffing, use keywords in the ratio of 2%). The Meta description is more important than meta keywords because Google crawlers do not read meta keywords but the description, however, other reads like Bing, Ask etc.



Submit your Site to all Search engines and Webmaster Tools

After publishing some content on your site, create an account in Google Webmaster Tool which is very useful, actually webmaster tool give you a control to your site in the search engine (Google), I will write about webmaster tool also later. Submit your site to all search engines like Google, Bing/yahoo etc. Generate sitemap using online sitemap generator tools and submit to webmaster tool.



Link Building / Make Backlinks

When you satisfy with your basic on-page SEO, then move to off-page and make some links of your site. Keep in mind nowadays old SEO trends are shut down this is 2013 so keep your backlinks genuine as possible. Only post links to your site on the sites which are closely relevant to your niche/topic. Submit your site to high Page Rank quality web directories. Don’t make only do follow backlinks but also some no follow links. Make links in a frequent way, don’t make too many links in a short time. so this is another legal SEO tip.



Make your Site’s Social reputation

Nowadays there is a great trend of social network website like twitter, facebook, google plus, Linkedin etc. Create a social representation of your website/blog this is very important in SEO point of view. Create fan pages of your site on Google+ and facebook. Share links to your every post on popular social networks which I mentioned above.

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Local Online Advertising Strategies

Local online advertising has become the basic way to attract a local and limited clientele for your products or services.

You don’t really need to spend too much money on anything because using local online advertising is basically free and you can do it yourself if you want to.

Advertising is basically presenting a product with its’ positive features and doing it locally means that you will only need to sell that product or service in a limited area and to a limited number of clients.

On the internet, you can do local online advertising easily, by sending a message in your local area network, or by asking your internet provider to give you a list of IP’s in your area to send them some adverts. I don’t know if that is legal or not, but I am sure that it will work.

Also, using instant messaging programs and knowing where each of your friends is located makes local online advertising much easier and faster. You can either send an email to all of them or narrow it down to a couple of them that you are certain they are going to be interested in what you have to offer.

Local marketing can also mean that you only need to sell something in a single country, so your site will only be accessible from that country if you want to. This means that you will also write the content and information that is uploaded to that site in a specific language, making it specific to readers and possible clients from that country only.

This ensures that you don’t waste money developing the site any further to suit more clients that are probably too far anyway, so you are saving money and by localizing the content you increase the chances of an increased profit.

How To Get Traffic In Your Newly Created Website

Getting traffic is a major issue for a newly created website because when you create a new website or blog it has no online reputation and search engine ranking, even indexing of your site URL’s take weeks to appear, so how we get traffic in that time? SEO strategies will not work in short time, they also take weeks and months so in the start we will only rely on the referral traffic, not on organic traffic (traffics comes from search engines like Google etc). There are so many ways to get referral visitors on your website when it is new. Now we see some of them step by step.


Step 1: ( Submit Your Site links to all Search Engines )

First of all submit your site links to all search engines, because referral traffic is temporary, so for long terms, you should submit your site links to all search engines like Google, Bing, AOL etc. Also, submit sitemap in Google webmaster tool to get indexed faster in Google. Now move to step 2.



Step 2: (Create some high-quality Backlinks of your website)

When your website or blog is new, you have less to zero popularity on the web, so make some quality backlinks by submitting your site links in popular and well-reputed web directories, social bookmarking sites and try to write high-quality guest posts for getting do-follow backlinks.

The above two steps are important because these make your search engine ranking better with the passage of time while you are getting referral traffic in that time.



Step 3: Referral Traffic from Social Media

Social media websites provide a great opportunity for webmasters and bloggers, you can join groups in facebook, Big communities in Google+ and LinkedIn which are relevant to your website niche. You can surely get 100′s of hits on a single post from social media sites. But keep in mind you must have followed some rules while sharing your post link on that groups like you have not violated the group rules and always join groups which have already 1000′s of members and closely related to your blog’s topic.



Step 4: Commenting on Related Blogs and Forums

Find top blogs which are related to your site niche and do regular commenting on these blogs with your link. Keep in mind always write a sensible comment of at least two-three lines which are showing your participation otherwise high ranked blogs not accepted spam or short comments with links. Do comment whether it is no-follow or do-follow, we need referral visitors, and definitely, you will receive a high number of traffic from that comments.



Step 5: Submit Your Site for Reviews

There are many websites which accepted new websites to review like a showcase of a website. Especially IT forums and hosting sites have a separate section for new websites and blogs reviews. You can submit your site there and you will see how many people visit your site and reviewed it. Sometimes you will also get a smart backlink from that forums. So you can consider it too for getting referral traffic.



Step 6: Write Guest Posts for Related Blogs

Today’s guest posting trend is growing day by day in the field of blogging because it is considered a real method of getting guanine and loyal visitors. Some blogs also offer do-follow backlink with guest post which is an awesome opportunity for your newly created website, you not only receive huge amount of returning visitors but also get online reputation and a do-follow backlink. So I highly recommend you to try guest posting if you just start your new site yet.